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Syntaxis and its advisers are committed to the principles of teamwork and distributed ownership in our company, and are dedicated to building an independent junior capital franchise. No individual, or small group of individuals, dominates either the business or the economics of the firm - it is a genuine team effort.

Thomas Spring

Thomas Spring

Year Joined: 2006

Thomas is a Founder of Syntaxis and Investment Committee member. He has primary responsibility for the internal operations of the Firm and heads the Vienna office, with responsibility for investments and portfolio management throughout the region other than in Poland. Additionally, Thomas leads the fundraising activities for the Firm. He has also helped the Firm develop its expertise in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and renewable energy sectors. At Syntaxis he has led SMF I’s investment in LaborMed and Izzi, and has structured the fund’s investments in TES Vsetín, Expert Petroleum and Uğurlu Cam.

Prior to co-founding Syntaxis, Thomas was an Investment Director of Mezzanine Management, leading the investment activities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia, and a member of the Leveraged Finance team of Lehman Brothers International in London.

Thomas studied in Frankfurt and New York and holds a master’s degree from Frankfurt University in finance and accounting.




Investment involved with:

Expert Petroleum
Labor Med
Uğurlu Cam