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Walking the walk, not just talking the talk. First and foremost, responsibility begins with us. Only if we have respect for our own employees, our investors, and our companies, can we expect the same from them. By embracing certain key principles, such as equality, openness, and transparency, and an appropriate frugality on our part, we reinforce our commitment to being responsible investors.

At Syntaxis we have always been responsible investors - we want to do not merely the right things, but to do them in the right way. To us it is self-evident that companies with strong environmental controls, a healthy and contented workforce, and effective systems of governance, are likely to be more profitable, and more valuable than companies lacking them.

We are signatories to the ILPA principles and operate in line with the PRI principles.

What we do now
  • ESG considerations are already integrated into the way we approach, think about, and analyse potential investments
  • Minimise business travel by maximising the use of less wasteful methods of communication (we are big users of Skype for instance)
  • Internally we have a relatively flat structure - both in terms of hierarchy and remuneration - which promotes genuine teamwork
What we will always strive to do
  • Articulate our approach better, whether that be through a formal Responsible Investment Policy, or an annual report
  • Integrate ESG considerations more fully - and more explicitly - into our investment process
  • Expand the ways in which Syntaxis contributes to society in a broader sense