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The team

Syntaxis and its advisers are committed to the principles of teamwork and distributed ownership in our company, and are dedicated to building an independent junior capital franchise. No individual, or small group of individuals, dominates either the business or the economics of the firm - it is a genuine team effort.

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards

Year Joined: 2006

Ben is a Founder of Syntaxis and chairs the Investment Committee. He has nearly 30 years of direct leveraged finance experience and is responsible for implementing the investment strategy of the Funds the Firm advises. In addition to his roles on the Investment Committees, his responsibilities include investor relations and fundraising, continuous development of the analytical platform and internal training.

Prior to Syntaxis, Ben was a Managing Director of Mezzanine Management Central Europe, the Investment Adviser to Accession Mezzanine Capital, the first dedicated mezzanine fund in Central Europe. In addition to his role as an Investment Committee member, he led a number of pioneering investments, and was responsible for implementing the analytical platform he helped develop for Mezzanine Management in Western Europe and the United States.

In between his employment at Mezzanine Management, first in Western Europe and then in Central Europe, Ben was an Executive Director in the Leveraged Finance Group at Goldman Sachs. Ben holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics from Stanford University. Ben is a member of the EMPEA Private Credit Council.